Lock in good behaviour

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Nope – this is not a lecture about behaving or being kind in public (you probably should be – but this is on you not me).

This is about finding a way to take some time out without having to restrict this to a specific action or task, like meditating.

You see if you are like me, you will find it hard to just sit still and do nothing (not judging people that enjoy and do do this) I need to always be doing something – so to calm my mind is really difficult.

However, you do need to do something!

The secret – find something you enjoy doing – and use this as your down time.

It may be a walk around the lake, maybe a swim in the Ocean (or pool if you are inland).

I have a friend that loves washing his car. We have gone away together on holiday before and I have come out in the morning and seen him washing my car!

Now don’t get me wrong – I have no problem with him washing my car – but I asked why (and was worried how much he was going to charge me) and he said that he enjoys washing the car as it gives him time to relax and reflect.

Who would have thought a “chore” became an anchoring point in his relaxation and switch off mode.

The only problem with this is if it rains – he is grumpy!

So you see – you can find something to do without doing something!


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