How to motivate others part 3 of 3

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Last year I spoke about the key to getting a team to do something is to understand what it is that they want to achieve in life and what they will do to achieve this. This is a core feature of motivation and one which I have covered again over the last couple of days.

However, this is not an organic process!

You need to understand how to get people to do this without them thinking they are being manipulated into doing what it is that they want to do but rather that it is their idea and that’s why they do it.

Humans are incredibly complex – we want everything to be easy and for most parts, done for us, yet if the task is too easy or seems to happen without much contribution, then we don’t want to do or use that product or service anymore as it is deemed “vanilla”.

I had a business partner once who said to me that he knows I am a sales person and that I hunt and close whenever possible but that we can never take on work that we just clip the ticket without adding any value.

This was his motvation! He needed to add value to the work he did – even if small – but would not just take a commission or earn a mark-up for passing on a lead.

Once I understood this – it was easy enough to get him to see the value he added or that we added to every transaction by virtue of us actually being the transaction.

This is today’s lesson. If you are doing what you are doing, and your customers are happy receiving what you are offering you are adding value even if it is a pass-through transaction.


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