What makes people exceptional?

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Why do we admire certain people?

What is it about them that draws us in or makes us want to be like them?

I’m not talking about being a fan. This is not the crazy screaming teenager at a concert of some singer.

I’m talking about real people that started out the same way as you and I ( by the way so did rockstars).

There are numerous reasons but one that seems to be the most common is that they are committed.

Steve Jobs was committed to the design and perfect delivery of Apple products. Was he a nice or liked person? I have heard not (well a lot of people have said so) but he never did what he did to be liked. He did what he did because it is who he was.

On the other end of the spectrum is Ghandi. He had no money nor fortune but he was admired and loved and respected.

The point I am making here is that it is not about how much you have or don’t have. Not about what you do or don’t do and it is not about what you say or don’t say.

It’s about the authenticity of all these actions that will make you memorable and exceptional.

People follow and respect those that are true to their beliefs and values.

A leader needs to chose a path and then stay on it.

Yes, situations change and challenges occur so a step to the left or right (don’t start doing the time warp Brett) may be required.

But ultimately. Stay the course.

Lead your team and most important of all get them to where you said you will.

This will make you a memorable leader and one that they and others will want to be around.


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