Life choice mistakes too many of us make

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Do you know why you do what you do?

We all do because we have to; but have you actually sat down and thought about the journey you are on as opposed to the final destination?

We all work hard to make sure we have money to look after us in latter years.

Here is the problem, why do all this to get to an end goal when you could think about what you are doing to have the end goal now and enjoy it for longer.

We only have a defined number of hours in our lives. Surely we should be using these to do what we want to and love to do.

Re-evaluate what you are doing and the path you are on.

Ask yourself : “Do you love what you do?”
“Do you enjoy doing what you are doing?

If the answer is no to either of the above – change it.


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Image: JIll Hannam

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