Do you have success disease?

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Once we win we start to lose.

It’s harder to motivate ourselves when we have won.

Think about it. You work hard and win a big tournament or award. You then get showered in love, praise, fans etc.

In your mind you are now great! You have won the highest accolade in your field or industry.

So now what?

This is success disease.

It is hard to repeat winning the same big wins again because of the above.

So what do you do?

You do nothing; new.

You still wake up the next day and do what you did the day before.

You still put in the same amount of hours at work or training.

You still act and behave like the person you were before winning.

This is the only way to prevent the disease.

Remember the saying: “Prevention is better than curing”.

In this case it is super important.

You have to stop the ego and complacency creeping in the day after!

Not a week or a month – the very next day!

Ok – I will give you one day to revel.

But you understand the point?

If you let complacency and victory seep in you will not train like you had before you had won and guess what, you probably won’t win again.

Remember, all the people that lost will now work even harder to try win so if you take your foot off the gas you will not only not be as good as you were but your competitors will now be even better!


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