People are selfish!

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Image: Thrive Global

Every single one of us!

You see we are not team players or wanting to achieve the goals of the company.

We are trying to achieve that which we as individuals want.

People don’t work for money. They work for what money can buy.

They also don’t work for what money can actually buy but for the feelings of what those purchases provide them.

As soon as they are not getting from you that which makes them feel happy, they are gone.

When you can understand this principle you will understand and know how to truly motivate your team (and yourself).

It is a reality that every successful business person needs to learn and fully understand, if you realise it’s not personal that people are in your company to get what they can, while they can and when they done; they’re gone.

You can take it personally or you can accept it and capitalise off their time while they are there.


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