Mental toughness part 2 of 3

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We are all mentally weak.

Yip; sorry – but this is just the facts

Our minds are what defeats us the most.

You see our bodies and potential are far greater than our minds allow us to do.

Our brains are programmed to make us survive.

Any threat to this and it will tell us to stop what we doing (or thinking) so as not to do anything that puts us in jeopardy.

Think about a new business – your mind will talk you out of it because you will be financially exposed – “stay in your job”, “earn a paycheck” – this is what your mind tells you.

How do we change this?

Well – like when your mom nagged you to clean your room and you ignored her – you need to learn how to not listen to your brain (well unless its telling you to not touch a burning stove!)

The way to get round this is to scare yourself.

Put yourself into a life or death situation – by shocking yourself into action – you evoke survival mode – this can then be harnessed and used to help override the safety or hand brake effect of the brain and go do and be.

Rather fail trying than fail to try.


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