Is this what you need now?

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Our productivity is affected by the time of day, the seasons, hell, anything we can blame or attribute to us not doing what we need to do.

Stop it!

You have a job to do, if you have been a long time reader then you have seen this theme before, then you have only one job to do!

Don’t look for reasons not to do, do what you have to do. Do it now!

Lets look at Winter (lockdown aside) its harder to get out of bed, its harder to get moving, its harder to do everything.

Well guess what?

Your competitor loves this about you.

They are rubbing their hands and saying great – if he is not at the client, I’ll go and be there for them.

The same for summer:

You would rather be at the beach, its too hot to work, lunches go on longer and life is good.

Same scenario – your competitors love this too.

So next time you ask what they are doing different from you to get the wins, read above!


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