What is the best way to start out?

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The simple answer is to be a trainee.

Being a trainee or apprentice in a business like the one you want to start is priceless.

You see – when you set up and own the business you do so using your money and time.

If you don’t know all the workings things can get expensive and/or go wrong; quickly!

So why not learn, ask, observe and master on someone else’s dime?

Hands on experience trumps theory every day of the week.

Too old to go be a trainee or don’t want to have to go through this process as time is not on your side?

Well, I still advocate for the above, but if the situation requires it, then the next best thing to do is find a trade show or expo that is about the industry you want to enter.

When you attend, the goal is to find out; Who the big players are? What do they do? What do they do differently? Who are the captains of the industry? The next step is to get time with these people and ask them questions, listen to them talk (hopefully about their failures as well as their successes).

Last of all, if you entering an industry ask yourself : WHY?

What do you have that the industry doesn’t? What will you do differently to make the splash? What is the disruption you plan to launch?

If it’s none of the above, then don’t do it. Sorry but you come here for honesty.

The world doesn’t need or want any more “me too” companies.

If you cant answer the above questions with good and justified answers and innovations there really is no need to enter at all.

Change is good, innovation and disruption welcome but just another company doing the same thing is 1990’s.


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