Are you using the skills of those around you?

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Yesterday I spoke about communicating versus connecting.

I left out the one point about doing this with your internal circle too.

This is not specifically about the family unit (which I hope you connect with already) but your team.

Working remotely over the last 2 years we may have lost touch with our team. We may have not had a chance to review and chat to our team members.

Are the people in your company doing what they should be? I don’t mean their job description.

I am talking about their skills being used better and applied differently. You may have good people in the company who are in the wrong roles.

Two things happen: 1. They leave as they want to be doing that which they believe they are better suited for or 2. You fire them and potentially lose a great team member who should have been reassigned as opposed to rejected.

Think about your current company and your current team and ask yourself this question of each and every one of them.

You will be surprised maybe even shocked at the responses.

Most people are good at what you think they should be doing, some are even better at doing other things you need, just ask and reap the rewards.


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