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We have all received chain letters or those messages that say if you don’t copy this and send it to 5 people a troll will come and steal your garden gnome…

You know the kind I am talking about.

Well what if there was actually some truth in these?

Well here is the newsflash – there is.

I am not suggesting that if you receive a chain-letter and you don’t forward it some terrible affliction will befall you – I am saying lets look at the philosophy and psychology behind it and adapt it to our modern world.

Lets be honest – life is tough! I write this post everyday about being positive and doing positive things. If you read it everyday then you are already part of a chain.

The idea is that if I can share some positivity and someone benefits from it then the world will be that little bit better. If you then share that with someone else and so on and so on well thats a lot of positive energy starting to flow and believe me that is what we need more of.

I have stopped watching the news! This is something I have watched or read for most of my adult life. Why?

Well its full of negative stuff – there is nothing positive being reported anymore. All that rubbish filters into millions of homes and all the viewers absorb and react to it.

The solution is simple – stop watching!

You can’t get upset or agitated by something if you are not exposed to it.

Last week Friday I wrote about only being with positive people and people that make you feel better about yourself and your life.

This message is part of that – only consume or read or watch positive things.

I am not suggesting that you bury your head in the sand and hope it will go away.

An example: We know that Russia and Ukraine are at war. By reading the atrocities everyday does not make it go away nor does it make you feel good. Can we help the people in Ukraine? Probably not – besides sending donations or if you are a soldier deploying to the battlefield or maybe lobbying your local government there is not much you can do. So don’t consume it, don’t get engrossed and let it take up all the space in your mind.

Rather spend the time spreading positive thoughts and info so that in the future, hopefully we are a happier more loving bunch than the current status quo.

Do good with out strings attached. Share love without expectations of returns and just be a nice human being – that is what the world needs now.


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