Make great decisions

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More failure is caused by indecision rather than poor decisions!

You are responsible for not being awesome and making awesome decisions.

How to decide?

Is it major or minor?

We spend too much time deciding – decide if it is big or small- will this alter your life?

Cost or worth?

How much does this actually cost – not just money – but your time and long term value.
What will the cost be in 10 years time?

What is it worth? What will this do to my future? The actual Dollar cost vs the return (actual).

Is this a wish or something that will make you happy?

I wish I had it or I’m happy I do have it.

If you will be happy you made the decision or will I regret not doing it?

Is this going to be good or bad for me?

Will this enhance or lead to good things for me and my family and colleagues or is this a bad decision and it will alienate me and make me an enemy.

Using one or more of the above will help you make good and easy decisions.

Regret what you do not what you could have or should have done.


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