It is impossible part 2 of 2

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If you read yesterday’s post you should now believe it is possible so today we can look at a solution.

We spend to much time doing things that stop us from doing what we think is impossible to do.

The bottom line – instead of aiming to be in the top 10 why not aim to be number 1?

Before you say that you are not the best, that you are still new, that you haven’t got the same experience as the others etc etc etc – hopefully this illustrates how you are talking yourself out of actually doing that which is possible but to you is impossible.

You see we need to look at what we are trying to achieve – the single goal!

Then the 99 other things that are required to achieve this goal need to be listed and delegated or outsourced.

We think things are impossible as we spend time and money on the wrong things thinking we have to do these things to achieve the goal.

So, list all the functions you do, then work out if it is cheaper (financially and in time) to outsource these as opposed to doing them in pursuit of achieving your primary goal.

You will be surprised how easy it is to move forward if you can let these go and only work on the end goal.

Don’t aim for number one, visualise it and achieve it.


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