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Learn to say NO!

It’s hard. I know. I am a pleaser so this is a difficult one for me too but let me give you some tools to help.

  1. Get someone to do it for you!
    Yip. Employ an assistant or even a virtual one. Make sure they understand what you want to do or don’t for example if you are an event planner you may have certain types and sizes of events that you will (and won’t) do.
    Your assistant can then take the enquiries and if not aligned to your requirements; say no.
    You won’t even here about it and so not only has this saved you time but allows you to focus on what you do.
  2. Sunday prep. I have spoken about this before. Preparation is vital. Both the weekly plan as well as the evening planning.
  3. Be selfish.
    Only do what you need and want to do up until 10am. This way there is no distractions and your productivity is not affected by calls or emails or pop-ins.
  4. Make sure the rest of the team is aligned. It’s no use having the above if the team are dancing to a different song.

Now go be positive by saying no.


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