Smarter always trumps harder

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Yesterday I spoke about our lack of actions being the direct cause of the decline in our businesses.

I thought about it overnight and wanted to continue or clarify a few points.

Before Covid-19 it actually wasn’t much different! We have always had to work hard and protect our businesses.

The amplification or urgency is more pronounced now as we enter the recovery phase.

But maybe the message is to be smarter as opposed to harder working.

Smarter also means utilising smart people!

We are in an age of automation and AI (artificial Intelligence ) and with this sometimes comes complacency.

We tend to take our foot of the gas so to say as the machines are doing the medial work for us.

This is just it, it’s the medial or repetitive work and functions.

You are still required to lead, manage and grow your business.

People want to deal with people and post this period of being socially distanced probably even more so, so now is the time to engage not step back or slow down.

Be smart, offer more solutions and considerations than before and be attentive.

Be present!


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