If You want to be Average this is not for You!

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I have heard so many people say “Well it was average” or “It was just above the average”.

Is mediocracy what you really want to aim for? Do you really think that you will get everything you want out of life being average?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you should unsubscribe now as this blog is not for you.

You see average is actually only just above “poor” and frankly that is what you are going to be if you aim for average.

By now I hope you have realised that I don’t measure wealth by the amount of money in the bank or the size of your portfolio. Wealth comes from money, health and relationship values. The richest people in the world are often the poorest. To quote the Beatles “Money can’t buy me love!” It also can’t buy happiness or health, ask Steve Jobs.

Parents often tell their children that as long as they tried their best that’s all that counts. This is true to a point. The life lessons are spot on and the sentiment is good too, but there is a piece missing to this advice.

“As long as you tried your best, then I am happy……. ” should be followed by “If you want to try harder, or practice more etc etc , I will help you”.

You see, this is the sentiment that is expressed when your child didn’t win or didn’t get a podium/medal in the event. Now this is good encouragement to make him or her feel better but we are adults now, and frankly if you didn’t win you didn’t win. If you pitched for business and didn’t get it, you not going out to celebrate. If you interviewed for a big role and didn’t get it you not going to have all the extra money and spoils that came with the position.

It’s what you do next that’s important. You can roll-over and give up or you can dig in and work/train/study harder. You can be better next time (or the time after even) but if you stay average, I’m sorry to say, it’s NEVER going to happen for you.

Remember, this is about turning things around. This is about being your best; always.

I know people that try hard and give of their best 300% of the time, and not all of them have succeeded, but they have the best chance at succeeding because they aim for the top not to just get by.

When you have to pass a test, try something different, go for the A+ not the pass. The pass will appease the requirement but the A+ will make you truly feel like a winner.

Wake up every day and go out there and give it your all – if you don’t have a good day (which will happen every now and then) you will still feel better for the effort (and what you may not realise is that others will remember your effort too) you put in as opposed to sitting and doing the post-mortem with yourself saying “I could have tried harder!” or “Next time I will put in more!” The conversation with yourself will be “I know that I was prepared what did I not study that caused me to not get it this time?” or “I think all that needs to change is the presentation material and then it will convert!”

There is enough mediocracy out there, don’t add to it.

A is for Average but it is also for AWESOME. Choose which one you want to be.

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