Is positive thinking positive?

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Now these posts that I write are always positive in nature. But they are not about positive thinking.

There is a difference.

Have you read “The Secret”?

Well if you have a copy throw it away or delete it off your Kindle.

Positive thinking is dangerous.

Nope, I haven’t gone crazy – remember what I said above – this is not about having a positive outlook, I’m talking about the Law or Attraction that is postulated in the books.

Sitting and thinking about being rich will NEVER make you rich!

Thinking that you won’t have a car crash doesn’t mean you should drive without a seatbelt because you are thinking about being safe.
Ever thought long and hard about the winning lottery numbers? Did you win?

Positive action is what you should be doing.

The difference is that using a positive mindset and applying it to hard and planned work or output – that is what you should be doing.

This is not a downer – this is a wake up call. You can not “will” or “think” outcomes into existence. You have to go out there and do it.
Still don’t believe me – ok – here is a challenge then.

Get a friend to do 10 push-ups a day for the next month. You sit and think about doing the 10 push ups each day.

In a months time tell me who is stronger.

Don’t think about being positive; be positive.


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