Want to lose good team members?

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Well it’s actually quite easy as 1 in 5 people are looking to leave their jobs!

Scary hey?

There are numerous reasons.

  1. You are overworking them. Even if they don’t complain, you might be doing it.
  2. You don’t respect their personal time – you see your work may be your life – but it is not theirs.
  3. Micro management – hire people for their capabilities – not to be managed by you – helicopter monitoring is a sure way to help push them out the door.
  4. Are you providing them growth or development opportunities? If not – this could do it.
  5. Do you accept poor performance? You are only as strong as your weakest members. Top performers don’t want to work with poor performers. This will be enough to get them head hunted and accept whatever offer comes.
  6. Do you really appreciate them? This is the easiest thing you could do (and cheapest) yet so many people don’t appreciate their team members.

None of the above should surprise you and if you are an Entrepreneur should resonate with you even more.

Time for a pause, reflect and a pivot.

Why not treat them to something special – here is a choice of cool experiences from Klook or maybe some nice electronics or even a gift card?

Just for no reason other than to show them you care.


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