The price of wisdom

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Image: NIV Bible

A lot of people think wisdom comes with age. This may be the case for a lot of the time but not always.

Wisdom comes from what you learnt.

Sounds obvious right. Yet we don’t realize it.

Here’s a tip. At the end of the day sit back and reflect on the day. What did you do? Where did you go and most importantly what did you learn?

This is not necessarily in the literal sense ie that the earth is round I mean what did you actually learn?

Did you learn that taking public transport may be painful but more efficient in that you can work instead of drive?

Did you learn that certain clients are not actually worth the effort in so far as the mental or financial cost to the bigger picture and yourself?

Then, once you have learnt, be wise! Listen to the learnings and act appropriately.

You get it.


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