Positive input; positive output

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The reason I write this blog everyday is as a pep-talk to myself.

I decided to share it with my network as I thought that others may benefit from these ramblings!

The reason we need to read something positive everyday is that the world is a dark place.

We are exposed to more negativity than positive inputs.

The videos we share on social media, the news we read, the movies we watch and the content we consume.

Esports as a new platform for content and entertainment is great but have you seen some of the graphics on these games?

Think back to the 50’s or 60’s

Shows like the Walton’s or action movies with no gratuitous violence were the norm.

I’m not a prude and honestly, love gross and some-what “dark” movies, I am a gamer and these games are all about shooting and killing!

But we have to stop and take stock of the fact that if we continually expose ourselves to the world around us we need to find opportunities to pause and take in the good and wholesome stuff in the world too.

Read a happy book, watch a family movie (a Classic even) play a game of chess where beating your opponent doesn’t require a sniper headshot!

There is a lot of good and beauty in the world. Stop and take it in.


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