Super Achievers part 5 of 5

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And here it is, the last bit on what differentiators the Super from the Average:

Highly successful people probably suck at 99% of everything!

The main reason is that they have probably given up on everything else to focus on the one thing that you know them for.

There is even social and personal failures in this trait unfortunately – not good husbands/fathers or can’t play sports, high divorce rates etc.

The 100% commitment to the 1% is what makes them achieve.

Try not mess up the personal side of your life but actively work on giving up on everything else that you are not good at nor will make money from. It is hard, I know that 99% of us would rather sit in front of the TV at 9pm and watch the new season of our favourite show and this is ok.

Just make peace with the fact that the other 1% are not and are busy preparing for their next meeting or researching their competitors to find the point of difference.

You don’t have to become a Super Achiever, you can take from this series what you chose and by making small, noticable changes, you will see results.


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