Are your team lazy?

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It probably starts with day zero!

How did you recruit? Did you ask the right questions? Did you interview enough candidates to see who was clearly the right person or did you hire fast?

Then once you selected, how did you on-board?
Did you have a proper on-boarding or orientation or was it a “baptism by fire”?

Was there ongoing training or monitoring over the initial period?

If performance and delivery wasn’t where you wanted or expected it to be what did you do about it?

If you answered no or I don’t know to any of the above then I am sorry to say the problem is with you not them.

Yes, they are lazy or slack or not the best, but they were that way before you hired them and will probably be that way after you fire them too.

The key lesson is hire slow and fire fast.

So if a team member is lazy or not delivering there are two things you need to do:

  1. Fire them and
  2. Look at questions above in respect to your business.


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