The comparison conundrum

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We all compare ourselves.

What do you have that I don’t? What does she do that I don’t?

Why do I work so hard but they have so much more when they put in half the effort?

Comparing is good, envy though, not so much.

It is normal to feel envy especially when someone in your circle or profession suddenly gains incredible fame or fortune.

The by-product of this, is outrage or resentment.

We get angry.

I suffer from this all the time so I am talking from personal experience that has happened more than once.

The problem though, is that others see this painted all across your face.

Your conversation in public may seem somewhat satirical or slanderous even if in a jovial manner.

Maybe you reach out to the person and all of a sudden are their best friend?

I said at the beggining that comparision is good.

The solution though is to compare yourself to the absolute best person you know and can truly be compared to: Yourself!

Start looking at yourself and ask – is this the best you can be?

The answer is probably not – so work on it and make yourself better than you already are.

Ensure that today you did more, grew more and achieved more than you did yesterday and then get ready to do it again tomorrow.

As Chris Cornell said – “be yourself it’s all you can be“.

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