Want to know how to win over your boss and get what you want?

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It is a precarious time to be a leader right now with everything the world has and is going through.

We all have feelings and need love and respect.

Leaders have to think about everyone else all the time. Have you ever stopped to think about how they are feeling? Imagine the pressure they must be under if you are under pressure?

Have you ever stopped to think about this and what you could do, even if just for a minute, to help lighten their load?

Why not show some empathy and put in a genuine effort while being compassionate or just ask them how they are doing and how they are feeling.

This will go a long way to winning them over.

The most important part of this though is that it must be genuine – don’t do this because there is an ulterior motive.

If it is sincere it will come across as such and when things are bad who do you think your leader will look at first when it comes to keeping staff in a down-turn or even better, considering promotions.

Being genuine should always be the norm and so if you are true to yourself and portray your real emotions and behaviour then this should be easy to do.

If not, the opposite unfortunately will be true and my advice is steer clear of your leader as they will see through the charade.


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