It’s not me its you!

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I realised that the posts from the past two days may have hit a bit hard for some people. So I thought I would finish off the topic with just one more punch. Sorry – but this is the reality of the world.

If I upset you or made you angry or even better, created the “aha” moment that you have been wasting a lot of time.

I’m not sorry! I won’t apologise and you should say thanks.

You see – it’s not me, it is you!

This is all about you. Everyday I write to try help you get better and be better and I won’t apologise for that.

My job is to deliver the punches. You need to learn to take them on the chin and then make the necessary changes.

Believe me, I have taken enough punches and beatings in my career. It is the learnings from these that I share hoping you don’t have to go through the same.

So don’t moan, don’t unsubscribe and make the necessary changes. Share this with those you know so they can ask the same questions. If we can all change and be change agents, the world will be a better place.

If it helps, if you looked at your list and found yourself like the client that reached out to me, then be glad you have found that now, not in 2 years time.

Pivot, change, be agile or any other buzzword you want to use. The point is to always question and always be ready to change.


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