I’m Compounded

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I had amazing feedback on yesterday’s post about the compound effect so I thought a “Part 2” was in order.

You see – I am practising what I preach. This is the second day in a row that I am writing about compound effect. I hope I get better and better at this.

But it’s actually in reference to the heading of yesterday’s blog:

I added the word AFFECT into the heading.

I mentioned the EFFECT but today is about how this principle affects you.

If you set a goal and stick to it you will not only see the difference in whatever it is you chose but your mind will be set to focus and commit to things like business or ventures or even personal issues. This is the effect!

The affect is more a verb and effect is more what has happened (past tense). The Affect is what we are aiming for and wanting to achieve; the doing!

So, decide, do, repeat, decide, do, repeat – lets see how this affect will have an effect on you 90 days from now.


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