A Gift for You

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Photo: Self Harm UK

I thought that given I was talking about taking advice from future you yesterday let’s give future you a gift today.

Wow, writing this makes me think I’m in Back to the Future!

We all like receiving presents so why not give yourself one every single day!

I’m not suggesting you go out and buy yourself an actual gift (but if you want to every now and then, I’m not judging you).

What can you do now that will reap rewards for you in the future? An example: conquer in the moment decisions.

Make your bed in the morning so your future you comes home to a nice ready to sleep in bed.

Prepare all the meals for the week on a Sunday so future you has good nutritious food everyday.

The moral is what we do now (and avoid not doing) will pay dividends for us then(in the future).

Time is the most precious commodity we have, don’t waste it. Even better, by doing it now you will reap the benefits later.


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