Sprautumn cleaning part 1 of 5

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As I have readers in both hemispheres and some are going into Spring and others Autumn this week is all about “Sprautumn

The big focus at the moment is weathering the Covid-19 storm and this doesn’t care which hemishere we are in.

Where Spring is a time of growth and new starts and Autumn preparing for the cold and lean months we need to realise that business as a whole is going to make the winter of Game of Thrones look like a day on Miami Beach, mid summer!

This is a time to introspect. What is still relevant? What is still possible to do? What isn’t? Most importantly of all: What are you going to do to whether the storm?

This will be the focus for the whole week so don’t forget to come back each day (just subscribe it’s one less thing to remember)

Sprautumn is coming!


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