My 4 P’s

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Part of human nature is that we are designed to identify, seek out and look for the negative. We can’t help it, it’s just part of our genetic code.

I want to challenge you to try and look for the positive things that you’re seeing in your day. Let me give you an example.

I’m the first person to pick out a typo in the presentation. Is this a skill?
No, it’s a pain in the ass. You see someone painstakingly put that presentation together and all I could do is point out the typo.

Before you judge me and throw stones at me it is actually my job to do so, so I’m not a total evil bastard. My team does all the design work and I give it the once over.

There was a reason for bringing this up though. This is by job!

When you are part of the audience that is receiving the presentation, the idea is for you to learn or at least be enlightened but what you’re seeing not to only see the typos or errors.

If you can change the way you see things and your perspective on how things are, not only will you be happier but those around you will be happier too.

I called today’s Deliaf the 4 P’s

Praise Publicly Put-down Privately.

We all want to be acknowledged, appreciated and praised in life.

So don’t go out there and be a (the fifth) P and tell people how bad they are. Simple lesson is that if you can show appreciation and praise publicly then you have already won over those around you and those that look at you as their leader.

Equally, in private you can pick apart that which you are not happy with or even call in the individual who made the mistake and in private with a non-attacking demeanor suggest what could be done differently.


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