Get Dirty

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I am a huge fan of delegation and outsourcing. I write about it frequently.

However, to be a true leader, you need to get dirty.

An example. I once spent a day at Microsoft doing a course in geo-location app builds using a tool they had acquired.

After 4 hours I had a working demo built.

Bear in mind, I do not code, nor am I a programmer.

So why did I do this?

Simple. I needed to know how hard and how long it takes to build components for apps.

Why? As an agency that sells these services I needed to know that when my lead developer tells me it’s going to take “x” time to build something that he is correct so that when we quote the client we are on the money!

Another reason was to learn appreciation for the skills of my dev team.

We can’t do everything ourselves but by having a better understanding of what the others in the team and company do, we get to appreciate their value to the Organisation and they in turn feel that we do care and understand their pain points as we have walked in their shoes.

So, roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty in some of the other parts of your business so you can truly see what it’s like.


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