Start out Scared!

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Photo: Vanity Fair

Fear is a great motivator.

All the successful people will admit they started out scared.

You see if you haven’t done it before it’s scary right? But it’s more scary not giving it a go.

It is a human trait that we fear that which we don’t know. The challenge is to embrace the fear and go for it. in most situations in life the pre-fear or anxiety is dwarfed once the actual event or experience has occurred.

Think about a roller-coaster. Standing in the line, hearing the screams of the riders in front of you, the sights and sounds amplify the fear, then you sit and get driven slowly to the top and placed in the cliffhanger moment…

But halfway through the ride you are loving it!

Embrace the fear, understand its source and use it to push forward to unlock the potential.

You don’t need to have attended the right school or be from the right family or have all the money in the world (it helps- but it’s not the prerequisite to success).

Fear, balls, respect and hard frikkin work! That’s what is required.


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