Closing the sale part 2 of 2

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To recap – we have identified the influencers and set the stage or battleground.

So now for the close.

Tell the story!

Explain all the challenges of the industry or outline a challenge that seemed insurmountable in history that we have overcome.

We have the influencers, the stage is set and we have informed that our sole purpose is to be a solution.

In delivering the pitch; tell the decision maker that you have spoken to the influencers and they have outlined for you their thinking which seems to be inline with what you can deliver.

Make sure this presentation has wow to it.

If something is boring or can be emailed, email it. If you are in a room (or on a conference call given these current times), make sure the people receiving the presentation are wowed or at the very least know that this could not have been done any other way.

The last thing to do now that the sale is closed is make sure there is no doubt!

The last thing that can derail the sale (which is now in the bag right) is post purchase disonance.

If they are given time to think this was a mistake that can fester and in turn cause a derailment.

In the closing, ensure they are happy, believe (not think) that this was the only decision and are excited about moving forward.

Two things happen if you get these steps right:

  1. You get the deal, duh!
  2. You have happy and leaned-in customers who then become references for you for future work.

Open the door, walk in, woo and wow and slam it shut!


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