7 signs your life is unbalanced

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age: Harmonious return

I know its only Monday – but I thought to get this in your minds so you can think and change over the week.

As we move into the next phase of life with Covid-19 I have been thinking inwardly and looking at myself and others a lot more.

The following seven signs are warnings and the good news is it is never too late to change.

So – 7 signs you should be looking out for:

  1. Not working out as you should. If you are unhealthy, then you are no good to anyone – if you are dead – you are dead – so look after yourself and in turn those around you.
  2. Too much food, alcohol, or spending. Over-indulgence is the first sign of the nose-dive – it is not therapy to shop – so stop it. Comfort eating is a bad excuse.
  3. Not present enough with people. You need to slow and pause and sort yourself out – your mind is not focussed on what needs to be done but rather to what you think is more important than the present and the moment.
  1. Leaving people hanging. You need to stay connected with those around you and those that you care about and who care about you too.
  2. Not enough rest and recovery. There is more to life than work – really there is
  3. You have a short fuse. There are bigger issues here – you need to get this in check. We are all under pressure – even those that you feel the need to take it out on. Stop it – negative energy is the worst thing to generate when in close proximity of others.
  4. You’ve become grinchy. Like the little green character from the story. Are you getting angered by others having fun – the defense statement ” Some of us have to work….” This is on you! Fun is fun – try it – go have some. Do not get angry because others are.

As I said – this is the start of the week – check yourself for any of the above symptoms and get rid of them post haste!


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