Are you a collaborator?

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Modern Flat Line Design Concept of Collaboration

Are you ? That’s great.

Are you a leader or business decision maker? That is also great.

But if you are a collaborative leader, that’s a problem.

You see, team play is awesome amongst the team. But to deliver a great product or service you have to have someone that is ultimately accountable and stands behind the decision.

Collaboration is not the solution here.

We all want to be the guy or girl that is liked. I get it, I like it too.

My wife always threatens my son with ” Just wait till your Dad gets home!”

The reason for that is that in the family, I am the one that is responsible for the tough decisions. We discuss and bounce ideas around collectively but if it comes to making a difficult decision or one that could have serious ramifications, it seems to land on my plate (and I am more scary than my wife who is currently shorter than my son too;)

Seriously though, there will be lots of decisions that need to be made (good and bad) that may not make you popular with everyone but that’s just tough.

Make the decision, back the decision and most important of all: own the decision.


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