Can you stay focused?

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Don’t let your life stall!

Focussing on a “glory-moment” is a problem a lot of people have.

Life is ever evolving, you need to evolve too. Once you have won, carry on winning not defending.

Once you have achieved the goal, tick it off and start again.

Only focus on building your building. Don’t worry about anyone else’s. Build yours, build your business and focus on your business. As soon as you focus on someone else’s building, they get to build higher than you!

Be known as a builder.

Most important of all. Remember why you began.

The love for what you do or what you wanted to build.

Have you been distracted from doing what you should be doing?

What drew you to it? Why did you start on that journey. What was the event horizon?

Find it again.

The culmination of the above 3 will ensure you stay focussed.


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