How to slap a crisis in the face part 4 of 5?

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Most of the week’s posts have been focused on the emotional or mental level.

Today I need to stress the importance of physical exercise.

The more stressed you are the harder you should work out.

Physical exercise is a great stress release, mind-calming and it’s actually good for you.

Having a good mind and a weak body serves no one. You need to be strong physically as well as mentally.

Most people miss the workout when stressed or under pressure.

This is the time you are supposed to work out.

You need to eat well and equally important; sleep well.

When under pressure or faced with a crisis – we chose to give up sleep, eating and working out!

When we are stressed we tend to eat more (unhealthy choices) and spend more on things we don’t actually need.

Don’t get fat on toys or things that make you “happy”. This emotional spending does nothing for you and in fact, it could add to stress as you may be spending or paying off things that you can not afford if things take a downturn as they do in a crisis.

The added stress of having to pay off expensive items will not help you physically or emotionally.

So don’t comfort eat or shop.


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