How do you get people to give even more

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You can’t!

You can not get people to do more than they want to and even more so, more of what you want from them.

You see (and I have mentioned this a few times in the past) if you can understand what they want then you will be able to get them to want more for themselves. The secret is to direct them into thinking that by doing what you require they will actually be doing what they want to do or are seeking to do.

The other thing that is important to realise is that not everyone wants to be a leader or business owner!


Imagine if everyone wanted to be the boss or manager then there will be no staff to do the actual work.

This is your journey, not theirs.

It is ok for people to strive for mediocrity.

Remember – being mediocre but delivering the work they are paid to do is actually what it is all about.

You should not get upset if team members do not show desire to be leaders or managers – the onus is on you to decide what type of person needs to be in a certain position.

We all have our roles to play – some are more senior or demanding than others – but all are equal in the big picture (see my puzzle post yesterday).


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