Do you know how to recruit and motivate the right people?

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This especially pertains to recruiting younger people.

Now days – the younger generation wants to work at home and sell online.

That is their mantra.

It is important to remember that young people are important for any company (and so are the older ones). The reason though is that there is a lot of them.

Yip – there are more young people than older.

So why do we want them in our business?

Well if you don’t, they will be your competitors!

They know what they and more importantly, other young people want – so if they not working for you, they are working against you.

Here is the kicker!

They don’t need to adapt to you. You need to adapt to them!

This is the hardest thing for the older genetration to understand.

So how do you get them?

  1. They want to work with top talent and other top people.
  2. They want or need to be challenged. They want big goals!
  3. They want an opportunity – they need to see that they can make it to higher levels in the company. If they feel that there is a roof – they wont join you.
  4. Young people want growth – they want to see that what they do is going to lead to growth and direction in the company as a whole.
  5. Money – its number 5 on the list for a reason. Unlike the previous generations, money is not the actual reason they will join your company! They would rather have actualisation and recognition then just money. They are motivated by being rewarded or praised not just paid. The money is a given that’s why we all work. Acknowledgement and praise is their currency.

So I ask the question again: “Do you know how to recruit and motivate the right people?” If you can make peace with the above and place the ideas into actions, you will be en-route to success; or if you are in an established business, survival!


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