How is the pain?

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Image: Harvard Health

We all experience pain.

Some physical. Some emotional. Some bearable and others send us to the doctor.

Today I’m talking about the comfortable pain.

Yes. That’s not a typo. Are you feeling pain but have made piece with it and learned to live with it?

This is not now a medical blog. This is still a principle that too many business owners endure.

Have you ever said or heard. The devil you know is better than the one you don’t?

We don’t have to accept this. I have written before about firing clients today may mean that you need to change businesses or business offering.

I am personally going through this as I have finally had enough of the pain my industry was causing me and I have decided to stop living with it and start living again.

When there is pain, eradicate it.

If it’s causing you hurt anguish or disdain – move on.


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