The ultimate test

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Yesterday I talked about comparison and what the measure should really be.

Let’s look at “Love” today.

How many people actually love you?

I am not talking about physical love or lust – I am talking about actually love. How many people are happy that you are here in this world?

I normally keep it light going into the weekend but this is important.

We all have friends and colleagues – but do we have people that love us?

The measure of this is if you die, will others feel sad for what they have now lost by not having you in their lives.

The answer is probably not that many – it will hopefully be your family and a few close friends.

You need to then sit down and think about how much time and effort you put in to those relationships and what they really mean to you.

This weekend – spend time with those you really love and work on finding more people to love and who will love you back not how many likes and tweets you can get.


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