Want to win more arguments?

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First off you need to determine the difference between a person’s belief and their intelligence.

I am not suggesting that intelligent people don’t have a strong belief system nor that faithful or stern fast believers are not intelligent.

I also am not referring to belief as only a religious connotation. This could include the Flat-Earthers (ok they definitely don’t fall into the intelligent bucket).

The heading of this post was how to win more arguments. The answer is to understand the person you are faced with.

If they are steadfast in their beliefs – then you will never win if your argument is to disagree with them. You can try but I promise you will fail.

So – how do you win? Well its simple – the first option is to walk away and ignore the situation. This is not always easy or possible. So the second option may be more viable.

Let them speak. Let them get on their soap box and preach to you and all that are listening and then when they are finished simply acknowledge with something like ” Is that what you believe?”

This may not seem like a win – but it is. You see you are not going to change their minds, which means that you are going to spend an untold numbers of hours trying to and this will cost precious time that you could be using somewhere else or with someone else.

This is the win!

You have won in that you didn’t waste anymore time than you needed to, you acknowledged them with the simple statement and they feel content that they don’t need to convince you any further and you can move on and not have to engage in this again.

Sometimes winning needs to look like losing and when you can master this, you win more arguments, every-time.


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