How do you push people to grow?

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Everyone has wants, wishes and needs. The problem is very few people actually do what is required to make these happen.

It is only the exceptional few that actually make it happen.

What is essential is to not judge! Don’t judge others for not being driven like you. Don’t judge those that are happy to just tick along.

We are all on our own path – so it is actually hard if not impossible to push people to grow.

The answer is that they actually have to want to grow or strive for success.

However, if you are an example to others, they may look at you and what you do and achieve. This may be (one of the only) ways to push people as you are not physically pushing but rather inspiring them.

The actual answer is to push and focus on yourself. Everyone else is on their own path and if they chose to follow and be inspired by you then cool, if not, they will fall along the way so it’s not worth putting effort into them.


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