Did you tell your Boss, thank you?

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Probably not or not in a while.

We have always been focused on what we need and what we want. Have you ever stopped to think about what your boss needs? Maybe you don’t have a boss. What about a teacher or mentor?

You see these people have the same needs, wants and fears that you do but added to that, they are responsible for looking after you and your needs first so that you can provide for your family.

What about their family?
What about their needs?

Yesterday was Boss’s day – so when you see your boss today – wish them a happy boss’s day for yesterday. Better yet – go up to them and tell them that you appreciate them and are grateful for their strength and conviction and how they steered the company through these truly difficult past few years.

Ask them if they need a hug (This could be metaphorical or implied – I would hate HR to have to get complaints – sorry – just a stab at the woke world). Let them know that you are happy to listen or provide a shoulder if need be. But seriously, let them know you are grateful – they don’t need gifts or cards – they will value the personal touch and thanks more. I promise.

To all the bosses and leaders out there; Thank you!


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