How do you keep the burning desire?

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No one can make you feel a certain way – it is totally up to you.

So if you waiting for an event horizon you are in trouble.

To set yourself free – you need to be in this world but not of this world.

We are not pieces in a puzzle.

We make the world we want from the world we are in.

Everything in your life is there because you choose it.

If you not happy with what you are doing – it is your choice to stay or go.

If you not happy with your team – it’s up to you, you chose them.

So – in order to keep the burning desire- make sure the fire is stoked!

Your desire should not wane – it may die down a bit or even flame too high and cause someone (or you) to get burnt – but it is still there.

If you feel that your desire has gone, then you have chosen this and allowed it to happen.

What happens next is still up to you.

You make the choice of the next steps – and this will in turn influence the next step and so on and so on.

Get the picture?

Sometimes a pause or step back/away is all that is required.


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