Want a fix for some of your problems?

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Everything you over-do, is because you have a void or there is something that you lack.

However, these over-actions cause other (usually) bigger problems.

Over doing is used to hide things that we are not happy with.

The challenge is we try and change these actions that we do because of what we are lacking.

An example, over-binging TV is usually because we feel inadequete or have a boring life.

All these can be treated by treating the root cause.

I am not suggesting cut your Netflix subscription – I am suggesting that you get a hobby or start to do more that will then make you feel better, keep you busy, which will allow less time to watch TV anyways.

Over-eating is usually attributed to unhappiness.

Change this by making yourself happy, not only trying to cut down on your food intake (although that would be a good thing given the health risks), but change your mindset.

What is making you feel unhappy? Is it a physical attribute? Is it your circumstances? Is it people in your life (or who have left your life)?

If you can answer this question honestly, you can take the steps you need to fix it.

The secret is to address and fix the problem not create a distraction from it.


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