How to fix a mistake?

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Say sorry!

That’s it. So many of us have such a hard time saying sorry. Leaders all over the world make mistakes all the time and never say sorry – do you vote for them again?

Don’t get me started on certain religious organisations!

For many,, many years it has been a prevalent thought process that admitting you are wrong is a sign of weakness.
It is actually the opposite.

You see if you mess up and don’t own it – people will not trust you and not follow you.

That is the real sign of weakness.

You need to own what you do and when you do it wrong, own that too!

By showing you human side you actually win respect.

Everyone makes mistakes, some are bigger and more egregious than others, but to admit it, own it and ask for forgiveness, that is how you fix it.

I promise this is better than denial and suppression.


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