Life – part 2 of 3

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Image: Goalcast

So yesterday I spoke about how we are on a repeat cycle.

How we spend time doing what others want us to ie – checking social posts that they posted, or responding to emails that are important to them (but maybe not you?)

Today – this idea can be applied to your relationships.

Instead of waiting to respond to a situation – be pro-active and do something to enhance your relationships.

This applies to both personal and professional.

Come home with flowers or beers (or both) for your partner just because.

Go up to a team member (or call them if you still WFH), and praise them on something they did or a sale they closed.

Call a customer and ask them how they are doing? No sales call, no feedback from something just a “Hi – how are you?”

This is Life – this is remembering that we are actually humans and playing the game of life.

Play to win, always!


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