Can you be a better human?

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Although positive in its nature, I think that the last couple of posts may have be seen as negative. Remember I write about how to change things. This means that some of the topics and sentiments are negative in context but the solutions or awareness is what this is all about.

We moan a lot!

Yes – we means you too!

You may not realise it – but given the situation in the world over the past few years, we have become a moaning and complaining society.

I fully appreciate there is circumstances behind this, but just like “the virus” negativity spreads very quickly when not in check.

This is not just spoken sentiment but actions too.

You see, what you do also influences the world around you.

Here is an example.

Have you walked down the road and seen rubbish on the floor?

I know the answer, but the next question: Did you pick it up?

I probably know the answer here too. I would probably even guess that you may have moaned or mentioned it.

Hell, when the Garbo’s going to do their job?

When are people going to stop being pigs? That is the better question.

Imagine what would happen if every person picked up one piece of rubbish on their daily journey?

Besides the street being cleaner, positive energy will be placed out there and others seeing or hearing about what you are doing would probably start too and before we know it, things in your direct environment will improve.

This is positive change affirmation.

Do this in everything in life and see how that pays off.

So – this weekend, go down to the beach and pick up some plastic. Maybe go into the local park and do the same. Find somewhere to do something positive instead of moaning about the state of the street or beach, change it.


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