Please pay it forward!

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Image: Kelsi

I have been writing the Daily Deliaf for awhile now and I don’t charge for access or ask people to pay for access.

I have had people ask me to mentor or host workshops or consult and this is what I love to do.

The reason I write these though is because it a way of me paying it forward for all the people that have helped me on my journey thus far and will hopefully continue to help me moving forward. If you read this and feel that there is value – please share it.

It is only worth me doing this if I know a lot of people are benefiting as well as sharing to those that could also benefit.

This is not a self-promotion post, I honestly don’t know and will never meet most of the people that read this but the fact that everyday more and more people are signing up tells me that there is some value here – so lets share it.

I will continue to write as long as people continue to read, benefit and share.

Thank you and keep pushing forward.


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