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Most people don’t see their true potential. In fact quite the opposite most people don’t see any potential.

As a leader if you can help a member of your team see what you see in them it will go way beyond their expectations of what they are capable of doing.

As a leader we owe it to our team to be able to bring out more than just the best. We need to help them unlock their true potential. It is important to realise that in doing this we do run the risk of them leaving and going to another company as they may now rise to a position where they can not grow any more in your organisation but this should be a risk you willing to take as the reward is more than the risk.

This is however a separate discussion and there are things like succession planning that we should be discussing as well as when you find someone that is really worth keeping how do you lock them in. But that’s another day or a consulting session waiting to be booked.

When you help someone see what you believe is in them you help them not only gain confidence but you help them be better. If you help them become better they then do better which means those around them become better too.

I was told by one of my teachers that I would never amount to anything in life. I would like to say that he did it to motivate me. Alas he was just a prick and I wouldn’t name and shame him here because that is more publicity than he deserves.
This however did motivate me to go on and prove him wrong. It would’ve been a great tactic if it had been intended though.

The point I am making here though is that there are defining moments in everyone’s life and if we take those moments and turn them into something that could fuel us to be someone or something better than our expectations of ourselves this is great.

I want you to think about the people around you and find out what you could say to them that would make them feel better, motivated, and just inspired to do better.


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